Update: 2003 January 29

Today I did the voiceover for the TV Ad, just two or three takes on four lines. Got my first acting paycheck. The producer said he's sure he'll be using me again. Also, I got a callback on an audition for a play, Johnny Tremain, with the Dallas Children's Theater.

Update: 2003 January 27

Yesterday I did the TV ad. It will air at 11:30 am on Sunday, Feb. 2, on channel 5 NBC in Dallas, on the Cowboy Action Shooting special. I play a British butler, and my part takes up most of the ad, and then I also do a voice over.

Update: 2003 January 25

Tomorrow I'll be making my first commercial! Here are some low-res samples of me speaking my lines with my version of an upper class British accent.

Excuse me, Sir (58KB) Excuse me, Miss (56KB)

Update: 2002 November 20

Now I've actually done stuff in acting and I'm sure I'll want to continue, even if it doesn't make money. So here's my acting resume.

Original: 2002 May 18

I took an Acting for Fun class through Fun Ed here in Dallas. The instructor, Grant James, had a really cool practice device, with one page of lines to be delivered, and another page of "faces", or emotions with which to deliver the lines. You randomly select a line, and then a face, and then you have to figure out how to deliver the line that way.

Of course, being a computer guy, I made a web based version of it.

I really enjoyed the class. I never thought seriously of a career in acting, and I still doubt very much that I could ever make much money at it, but I think I'll probably get into it now. We'll see. If not, I'll just erase this page and pretend it never happened!


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