Here's a link to the site for the Wujido Institute in Dallas, where I take Shaolin Kung Fu. I've been going there since August 2000. It's been a really good experience for me. I thought I was in shape before, but the first couple of months were really tough. Now I'm amazed at what a difference there is in my strength, endurance, balance, self-confidence.

I like the sense of accuracy of control of my body that I've gotten from practicing Shaolin. I guess it's a little like gymnastics, except it's very purposeful.

Actually, I'm taking Tai Chi now, at the Wujido. I injured my shoulder doing indoor rock-climbing, or maybe it was doing cheerleader lifts with my daughter. Anyway, I tore the biceps tendon, and had to get it tied down. So now I have a Titanium screw in my shoulder. While he was in there, the Dr. Buford took the opportunity to grind down my acromial bone spur that was pinching my rotator cuff. There's a video of the procedure, but I haven't digitized it yet.

So, I'll be doing Tai Chi at Wujido instead of Kung Fu until August, probably. But that's not a bad thing. I had wanted to check out Tai Chi, but was caught up in getting my next belt in Shaolin. I like Tai Chi, and I can already tell that it will improve my Shaolin abilities when I return to that.

2003 May 24

My first update in about a year! Of course, my shoulder is healed. I went back to Shaolin in November, I think. Anyway, I did Taiijiquan for about six months. What a great class! I'm glad I was able to do that, because I got a lot of benefit from Taiijiquan at the Wujido. I'm much more rooted now, and I can feel the muscles in my legs for turning my waist now, they're much stronger than before.

It's taken me a while to really get back up to speed in Shaolin at the Wujido, though. I went through a period where I was sick a lot, and then I screwed up my knees a little, and couldn't practice as much as I need to. But I started doing posting, which I learned from Taiijiquan, and now my knees are better, so I'm not afraid to practice the low stances.

I benefitted a lot from Taijiquan, but I'm glad to be back in Shaolin at the Wujido. The first couple of classes when I got back into it, we did a lot of breakfalls, throws, and combat rolls, and I thought "Ah, yes!"

2003 July 24

Orange belt! My "final exam" was to spar with Headmaster Harkins. That was fun. Is fun really the right word?

2004 December 6

Blue belt! Okay, I finally got the Wujido web site to appear on the first page of Google, but now the Ripoff Report is right there too. That report is so misleading. It was started by some guy who came to the Wujido and acted like a nut, asked a few belligerent questions, never took a class, and then posted a Ripoff Report as if he were an investigative journalist. So much for integrity at the Ripoff Report.

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